HEAT X offers heating through magnetocaloric/magnetic induction technologies using cost effective, clean, non-toxic, and abundant materials transformed into an alternative, sustainable, affordable, and safe energy.

Why We Are Different

From materials to design, our magnetocaloric/magnetic induction technologies used in air to air, surface or fluids are far more efficient than traditional technologies such as electric or gas induction. We are a big player of the climate action and offer a cleaner, safer, and more cost-effective alternative to the consumer. 

Clean & Safe

  • Safety is one of our foundational design pillars. As such we do not use hazardous materials

  • Our technologies have no emissions (e.g. greenhouse gases or fuels)

  • There is no combustion in our technologies which means no risk of explosions

  • Compared to simple appliances in our homes, our technologies have lower Electric Magnetic Field (EMF)



  • Materials we use are non-toxic

  • Single layer material components versus multi-layer past solutions

  • The main challenge in the past for these technologies was that materials used to produce the Magnetocaloric Effect (MCE) were scarce and costly

  • To improve performance we are researching and applying magnetocaloric materials that provide great conductivity

  • Our materials are cost-effective versus Gadolinium, Dysprosium, and others



  • Magnetocaloric Effect (MCE) is generated directly in the HEAT X component with conductive materials which directly transfer the heat to any surface or fluid

  • Special geometric design for maximum efficiency during MCE with no need of external fans in Air

  • Flexible: centralized or decentralized heating for better consumer comfort and efficiency

  • Modular: scalable to adapt to new needs, lower total cost of ownership and manufacturing advantage by scale

Current technologies compared to HEAT X


e.g. Current Electric Heating Air to Air technologies utility cost is 250% more than HEAT X technology

Our Business Model

HEAT X is a unique heat technology company using magnetocaloric/magnetic induction to focus on a technology development licensing partnership business model. Our technologies are patented to create market sector differentiation with exclusive executions and improvements in the heat generation, including all the clean and efficiency attributes of the technologies.

Our initial preferred partners are those actively targeting to commercialize sustainable products and systems delivering better and more cost-effective electric/magnetic induction heating (i.e. space heaters, air duct heaters, dryers, cooking equipment, surface heaters, transportation heaters (Electric Vehicles/Railcar), etc.).

This is HEAT X:
a clean alternative technology for the future

Discover Heat X Technologies


Air to Air






Why HEAT X Technologies


Unique & Innovative

Ready to commercialize Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla started the theory on magnetocaloric, NASA continued those theories and we finally have found a way to commercialize it

12 provisional/utility patent applications & trade secrets supported by extensive international IP search and multiple trade secrets

 Coefficient of Performance (COP) is sustained at low temperatures


Clean & Efficient

100% clean. No fossil fuel or gas used; emissions free

<50% electrical consumption than currently available electric induction heaters

<20%+ than gas utility costs to displace

Higher efficiency than gas/electric solution even at low temperatures (32 ˚F and below)


Scalable, Modular &

Scalable applications with the same core magnetocaloric technology

Modular settings to increase energy

Decentralized HEAT X technology does not need to be in one location to provide comfort in multiple areas


Safe & Affordable

Peace of mind.  100% safe technologies with no emissions or risk of explosions

Low OPEX to existing market technologies

Low CAPEX with significant cost savings in energy delivering, manufacturing, repair and installation