About Us

The Company

Our vision: we believe improving people’s lives means more clean, efficient and, affordable energy technologies for the world.

Our mission: to be climate change leaders by offering market-leading performance technologies within its areas of application, reinventing the design, materials and execution of these technologies.

Who we are

HEAT X™ is a technology development and licensing company established in June of 2018 and is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Mich., USA. HEAT X relentlessly focuses on improving people’s lives, reducing the use of energy and delivering the next generation of clean technologies in magnetocaloric/magnetic induction heating for air, surfaces and fluids.

Our innovative approach to these technologies enables us also to empower our partners to become leaders in solving climate challenges. The result is the development of unique technologies for residential, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors that creates value for customers, users and a positive impact in our environment and the world at large. 

Our mission is your mission

We believe that magnetocaloric/magnetic induction technologies research have been somehow shelved after Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and later NASA in the 70s. Since then, few attempts to generate heat through these technologies have been proved to be successful based on the materials used and the existing designs.

Our mission is to offer market-leading performance technologies within its areas of application but reinventing the design, materials and execution of these technologies. Although our key mission remains being climate leaders with clean, affordable and cost-effective technologies.

The team at HEAT X is comprised of talented people from three different continents. Our skills span engineering, innovation, bids & partnerships, customer success, growth and operations, finance, marketing and market development. Beyond the office, we are artists, parents, singers, climbers, golfers, musicians, runners and animal lovers.  

We are determined to have a great time along the way while we are focused on growing a business that solves some of Earth’s challenges.


After this pandemic, life is more appreciated than before, and we have experienced that we can live with less.

For HEAT X using fewer resources better designed, is the expectation in our journey towards sustainability. We are relentlessly seeking ways to generate more efficient and affordable energy, with less amount of components while monitoring and striving to leave a zero-carbon footprint in the pursuit of zero emissions, and risk and accident free.

We call ourselves stewards of the environment and we enjoy transforming the world for good…