Our Focus

HEAT X continues with the objective to improve people’s lives by reducing the use of energy, providing more affordable energy for all through magnetocaloric / magnetic induction technologies. Affordability, simplicity and dependence reduction on fossil fuel technologies are key drivers to develop HEAT X scalable technologies. As such, their technologies can be implemented in four different sectors: residential, commercial, industrial and transportation, specifically for EVs.


The COVID-19 crisis of 2020 holds lessons that help us to address climate change by seriously considering alternative technologies. As economic activity was halted, resident movement was restricted, governments were launching extraordinary measures and corporations and individuals were adjusting to the new reality, this pandemic put upside down the world and our lives. A collective response is needed to change those sustainability agendas from a mere checked mark to a priority. Our firm belief is that we simply cannot afford to do otherwise.

The "new" normal will shape a different perspective, from fear to open spaces, massive gatherings or to a wide acceptance of WFH (Work From Home) rise. The result: more time spent at home, more entertainment, food and therefore, more energy consumed.

HEAT X technologies provide the flexibility for high use or low use in the different sectors. The way energy is conceived today in all sectors, will be different after this COVID-19 crisis. Please explore the different opportunity application for each sector.