The Future is Here with Magnetocaloric and Magnetic Induction Technologies

Detroit, Mich., July 19, 2021 – As one of the world leaders and largest patent holders of Magnetocaloric/Magnetic Induction heating technologies, HEAT X™ joined Jim Saber, President & CEO NextEnergy, to discuss why electrifying our heating systems is important in addressing climate and driving us toward a carbon-free future.

The Future is Here with Magnetocaloric and Magnetic Induction Technologies – NextEnergy

The topics of building electrification and the electrification of everything have been increasingly important in recent months.

NextEnergy is engaged in several smart energy and mobility activities to accelerate the path to electrification. We think of energy in three ways: powering devices or things in our homes and buildings, fuel for transportation, and creating heat.

Electricity powers devices in our homes and buildings. Electricity is generated from a variety of sources, so we have diversity and we are not locked into a single source and many of these sources do not produce emissions at their point of use.

With electric vehicles, we are starting to leverage the diversity of sources we have for energy we consume within transportation.

Heat generated from fossil fuels produces emissions. While electrical solutions exist for heating homes and buildings, water, and cooking, they are not considered low cost or efficient in many regions.

Developing lower-cost and efficient solutions for electrically heating spaces within homes and buildings, water, and cooking that can be deployed globally will reduce emissions; leverage renewable energy and storage; and make our grid cleaner, smarter, and more resilient, which benefits everyone.

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About HEAT X

HEAT X™ is a technology development and licensing company established in June of 2018 and is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Mich., USA. HEAT X relentlessly focuses on improving people’s lives, reducing the use of energy and delivering the next generation of clean technologies in magnetocaloric/magnetic induction heating for air, surfaces and fluids. Our innovative approach to these technologies enables us also to empower our partners to become leaders in solving climate challenges. The result is the development of unique technologies for residential, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors that creates value for customers, users and a positive impact in our environment and the world at large.