HEAT X™ Participates in Critical Low-Temperature Industrial Processes Workshop to Assist in Resetting U.S. Climate Policies.

Auburn Hills, Mich., February 4, 2021 – HEAT X™ was invited to participate in February 3rd’s Low-Temperature Manufacturing Processes Workshop as one of the world leaders and largest patent holders of Magnetocaloric/Magnetic Induction heating technologies. HEAT X™ was one of two strategically selected U.S. companies to present during the workshop hosted by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), the Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy (BU-ISE) and the Fraunhofer USA Center for Manufacturing Innovation (CMI).

The workshop brought together global experts to gauge U.S. manufacturing leadership in addressing the ever-present climate crisis. The presenters focused on key technological innovations as well as current industrial challenges in developing clean and sustainable solutions for low-temperature heating applications. HEAT X™ presented its revolutionary technology in magnetocaloric/magnetic induction heating as an evolution and improvement to existing heating technologies by exhibiting greater efficiencies, higher safety standards along with lower costs and carbon emissions free. HEAT X™’s technology stood out for its high readiness for mass production and commercialization.

As Sean Zecman, one of the founding investors in HEAT X™, stated: “HEAT X™ sincerely appreciated being part of this important effort to showcase its magnetocaloric/magnetic induction technology that can be a key contribution to our country and the world in reaching the ambitious 2050 net-zero carbon goals. HEAT X™’s technology, which is now ready for full scale commercialization, is one of the key technologies to substantially impact the reduction of carbon emissions in the world by delivering emission-free heating more efficiently than existing heat generating technologies.”

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About HEAT X

HEAT X™ is a technology development and licensing company established in June of 2018 and is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Mich., USA. HEAT X relentlessly focuses on improving people’s lives, reducing the use of energy and delivering the next generation of clean technologies in magnetocaloric/magnetic induction heating for air, surfaces and fluids. Our innovative approach to these technologies enables us also to empower our partners to become leaders in solving climate challenges. The result is the development of unique technologies for residential, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors that creates value for customers, users and a positive impact in our environment and the world at large.


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