Fluid heating, regardless of industry and markets, is either markedly cost inhibitive utilizing electricity or environmentally unfriendly using fossil fuel fuels, such as gas or propane. HEAT X cost-effective magnetocaloric technology eliminates the need for pollutant gases, substantially cuts electricity consumption and boosts efficiency and reliability where it can deliver energy cost efficient solutions to displace fuel/gas heating in fluid/water heating market applications.

Fluids Technology Road Map

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Fluid Performance Compared To Current Technologies

HEAT X heaters, utilizing magnetocaloric/magnetic induction technology, are able to heat fluids at a fraction of the electricity consumption of current market available fluid heaters. Our magnetocaloric heating system utilizes magnetics and magnetic fields instead of gas—a major contributor to climate change—resulting in an eco-friendlier solution that consumes significantly less electricity. For example, HEAT X initial tankless solution, delivers quickly and efficiently, ambient fluid temperature changes 60+ degrees and is optimized for a wide range of products in residential, commercial and industrial markets.