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Transportation EV

Many people are attracted to xEV for different reasons. Either green image, responsiveness and lack of noise and vibration, ability to recharge at home and not having to stop at the gas station, skipping oil changes, or lower operating costs and eventually lower TCO will some draw customers, especially commercial fleets. HEAT X technology can provide a more efficient heater to increase #1 problem for consumers, anxiety range.



Climate protection and human health are the key drivers for electrification. While the majority the world’s vehicles still utilize the internal combustion engine (ICE), vehicle electrification is here to stay and will most likely grow in the future to be the prominent way of powering vehicles around the globe.

There are still key challenges for the manufacturer of electric vehicles. One of the most discussed and analyzed challenge for vehicle manufacturers is how to increase battery range, especially under very cold conditions. HEAT X technology, which is a substantially more efficient heater than current available technologies, can dramatically help increase range in electric vehicles.

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